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Kiev, Ukraine
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About company

A collaboration with our firm allows operatively and with minimum expenses to get necessary to you high-quality STUFFS WARES .

Why certainly us ?

For us you can order practically BE are WHAT KOMPLEKTUYUCHI WARES which are made on territories of the CIS and imported. PZ and year of vipusku– in obedience to Your order.

Due to our close contacts with producer factories and suppliers of wares of stuffs, booked by you products are supplied in the earliest possible date, possibly even on the day of payment after a previous agreement.

Except for 6-8 of labour in our company, our employees have ten years of experience in the departments of acquisition of large soviet enterprises of radio electronic industry. They can skilled answer any Your question or prompt the decision of problem (for example, to find replacement a difficult of access or not quite proper necessary descriptions detail).

Due to the optimum structure of enterprise and high speed of ordering fulfillment we can offer you an optimum price.

We have reputation of decent business partner. In obedience to an agreement with Department of Defense of Ukraine our compeny has a representative of customer. We supply with wares which the duties of guarantees of enterprises spread on - producers.

Our enterprise supplies with stuffs wares to such leaders of electronic industry of Ukraine, as Kiivprilad, to the factories of "Burevistnik", the name of Artema, ZTT "Electron", "Lorta", "Aircontrol", "Rassvet" et al, and also to the enterprises – developers of new technique, enterprises of Ukrtelekoma, operating and repairs services.

Enterprises of Russia and Byelorussia: FOR "Monolith" (Vitebsk), "Met" (settlement of Suzemka of Bryansk обл.) AT, VAT "Factory of Magneton", ATVT "Factory of "Mezon" (Saint Petersburg), LTD. "Resistor" (Arzamas), "Vladikavkaz'kiy factory of "Binom"" et al entrusted to us to be of their interests in Ukraine. TKD also has copulas are well adjusted with many other producers and suppliers of wares of stuffs of foreignness of fellow creature and distant.

It will be advice of collaboration with you!


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Our company offer to supply electronic components (stuffs wares) of CIS countries production, Ukraine and from abroad.

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